SV3c IP Camera Changing IP Address
  • I have 5 SV3c IP cameras setup and the IP address changes every few days. As a result, I have to go into Security Spy and change the address manually. The cheap app the cameras came with (CamHi) follows this address change, but not Security Spy. Pretty frustrating.
  • It's likely that these cameras support either Bonjour and/or ONVIF, both of which provide a zero-config way to address network devices, even when their underlying IP address changes. In SecuritySpy, under Preferences > Cameras > Device, click the Auto-Discovered Devices option. Hopefully you will see your cameras listed here; select one to populate the Address field with the automatic address.

    The alternative is to set your cameras to static IP addresses rather than DCHP, and then give those static IP addresses to SecuritySpy instead. This is the most reliable method (as there is less to go wrong), but it does require some configuration and basic knowledge of IP networking.

    This is all explained here: Connecting to a Camera Over Ethernet.

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