Setup Amcrest Cameras for SS ?
  • What's the best plan for setting up Amcrest cameras for SS? I've just got a few IP2M-841EB. The manual is all about Amcrest Cloud or View Pro App. No mention of onboard web interface.

    Dahua is easy and straightforward. Login to its onboard web app, setup IP and a few other bits, tell SS it's IP and bammo!

  • The best plan would be to connect the camera to your network via Ethernet, then locate it using our Network Device Finder utility.

    Double-click on the entry in Network Device Finder to open the camera's web interface, then log on and assign the camera a static IP address on your local network (more info here).

    Then, in SecuritySpy, add a new network device, enter the camera's static IP address that you just assigned, enter the username/password, and select the "Amcrest" profile.
  • Great. Thanks Ben.
  • I should have thought to just try the camera's IP for a web interface (that turned out to be re-branded Dahua). Zero that I could find in the manual or other stuff about that and wrongly assumed it didn't exist. Camera's configed and running!
  • Great to hear it's all set up and running now!

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