Synology Sanity Check
  • Hi there,

    I recently moved my capture drives from a Thunderbolt enclosure to a Synology NAS. I've read the FAQ regarding NAS, and I've been trying to determine the best way to integrate SecuritySpy.

    I'm using my Mac Mini's internal SSD to capture and keep 5 days worth of motion recordings, while also uploading to the NAS as a long-term archive. It seems that this is the most stable option, and might alleviate some traffic on my network (the Mini isn't trying to read from the cameras and write to the NAS at the same time).

    I have two questions, which might become feature requests:

    1. Does SecuritySpy manage captures once they've been uploaded to the server, or do I need to set up an outside process to delete older recordings?

    2. Is there a way to postpone a full day's worth of uploads to transfer all at once (e.g. the middle of the night), rather than uploading immediately after capture? That would further reduce network traffic, and allow my NAS drives to hibernate more often during the day. Right now, I save each event as its own movie, but maybe saving them in one file would help here?

  • When uploading to the NAS, rather than recording to it directly, SecuritySpy won't be able to automatically delete older files from the NAS. To allow this, you would have to record to the NAS directly by setting it as a capture destination in SecuritySpy, however that is not as reliable as recording to an internal/Thunderbolt/USB drive (but should still work well as long as you have a fast reliable gigabit Ethernet network in place).

    SecuritySpy will upload files as soon as they have been created. If you have selected the "one file per day" option, then this upload will happen at midnight each night.

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