Won't connect to Amazon S3 bucket after moving SecuritySpy to new server.
  • First off, I want to say how easy it was to move my SecuritySpy install to a new server. Really easy and fast.

    I'm only having one issue since the move....I cannot get SecuritySpy to connect to the same Amazon S3 bucket to upload my files. I am using the exact same settings and have also create a new Server under Uploads with the same settings to see if that would help.

    When I click the "Test" button at the bottom of the Servers list under Uploads, I immediately get an "Error 2" for both the original server in the list and the new server in the list.

    This was working fantastically before the move.

    Any thoughts?
  • A couple other bits of information:

    1) I have verified that I can connect to the S3 bucket with Cyberduck on that server.

    2) The original server was running Mojave and the new server is running Catalina.

    3) I spun the original server back up and tested the connection to the S3 bucket in SecuritySpy and it works just fine.
  • Hi Matt,

    Sorry about this, it is fixed in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.2.6b3). We'll release this as an official update soon but for now it's fine to use the beta.

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