AutoUpdate: Download Failed (Code: -1001) ?
  • Getting this message when trying to update from 5.2.2 to 5.2.5
    It sees that an update is available, begins to download and then errors out after maybe 45 seconds.
  • Sorry, I'm not immediately sure what this could be, also the download should take much less time than that over a typical Internet connection. So this may be a bug in the auto updater of v5.2.2 that we aren't aware of. So, please manually download and install SecuritySpy from the SecuritySpy download page.
  • Thanks Ben. Yeah, internet here is about 898mbps. To manually update do I just install right over the old one and all my info should remain intact?
  • Yes that’s right: simply quit the old version, drag the new one from the downloaded disk image to your Applications folder, replacing the old one, then open the new one from your Applications folder. All your settings should remain intact.

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