What does Control4 driver provide?
  • Does it just make the cameras available in Control4? Or does it provide other benefits/capabilities? Does it do anything that can't be done just as well by a SS IOS/IPadOS or MacOS app?

    One concern is that it seems it would make all cameras available to our integrator (and any employee of his who knows how to access our Control4 system)?
  • The SecuritySpy Control4 driver allows streaming live video from your SecuritySpy cameras to your Control4 system, for viewing via their touch panels and in-wall screens.

    So yes, anyone with access to the Control4 system would then have access to the cameras that you add in this way. You can choose which cameras are available to the Control4 system by setting up a specific user in SecuritySpy's web server for this purpose, with access to a limited subset of cameras, if you so wish.

    Our iOS apps give a more comprehensive viewing experience, with access to recorded footage as well as control of the server. But you may also want access to certain cameras from your Control4 system too.
  • Thanks Ben. I'm trying to think through our own ability to reliably access cameras and recordings vs privacy/security issues.

    In some ways it seems the most secure option is to not use the driver at all given how insecure I feel like Control4 is and just stick with accessing SS via HTTPS.

    But then comes the issue of being a long way from home like overseas and for one reason or another not being able to remotely access our SS server. Of course, whatever causes that might take out C4 as well so mute point. A UPS w/ a heartbeat monitor that power cycles everything based on some bit of lack of communication might suffice for anything other than a hardware failure.
  • Are you able to run a VPN server at home, and connect via that? You'd then have all the access you need.

    I also am a C4 user and don't have the driver. Outdoor cameras are connected to my C4 project, but I rely mostly on SS to do the things I need.

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