Portable desktop/shelftop WiFi/PLA camera solutions ?
  • We want to get 3 or 4 cameras that can be easily moved around our house. Most locations do not have easy ethernet access so I think either WiFi or Powerline (AV2). Our WiFi network is fairly robust (five Unify Nano's, one Nano-HD and one AP-AC-Pro) but I think I'd prefer to avoid WiFi if possible? How well do Powerline adapters work?

    Is anyone aware of a good one that also has POE (just to make life easier and avoid an additional wart or POE injector with each camera)?

    Am I correct that all AV2 compatible PLA's support multiple PLA's (not just one to one) so if I get 4 then 3 for cameras and 1 for the ethernet switch should work? E.G., I don't need to get 3 pair?

    Any recommendations for good desktop/shelftop cameras and how best to get them back to Security Spy is appreciated.

  • Powerline is going to be more reliable than WiFi. Unfortunately it seems quite difficult to find Powerline devices that also have PoE - I'm guessing the market for this is quite small. There is a Solwise one (PL-1200AV2-POE) and a discontinued TRENDnet one (TPL-331EP2K) so you either of these may do the job. Both systems seem to support multiple devices (the TRENDnet one states up to 4 nodes per electrical system). They don't work in pairs - you just have one at the router location to create the network, and the other nodes will pick it up and provide Ethernet to the cameras.

    You might be better off getting separate PoE injectors, then you'll have more of a choice of Powerline adaptors.

    In terms of the cameras themselves, if you let me know more about what specs you need (resolution, budget, pan/tilt, audio etc.) I could make some suggestions.
  • Comtrend & NexusLink (same company I think) make a PLA that gets good reviews and has PoE. They use the G.hn standard instead of AV2. I got 3 Comtrend 9172POE's (1 @ switch, 2 w/ cameras) and have had them running for several weeks now. One of the cameras reports 98-99% maybe once every 10 days, otherwise both cameras are 100% according to SS daily email report.

    Not having any extra cables or injectors is nice. I've 3 more on order so we'll see how they do w/ 5 cameras.

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