Mac Mini Spec ?
  • I have a 2.3 Ghz Intel Core i7 Mac Mini with 16gb of RAM and a 3TB external drive. I am planning to attach 4 x Axis T1004-W wireless camera's to it.

    Should that machine be ok for that type of camera. I was not sure about the options to select on the web page you have to specify hardware. I think an i7 is 4 cores, but I was not certain about the capabilities of the camera etc.
  • Do you mean M1004-W cameras? Yes, your Mac mini (being quad core) is more than capable of supporting four of these 1MP cameras at up to 15fps each.
  • They are all connected up ok, however they are getting intermittent errors even though 2 of them are wired into a gigabit switch with the Mac Mini. Example :-

    Error communicating with the network device "Location 1" 3.0.4,89900,-8969 Image data decompression failed - bad data

    Sometimes it occurs every few mins, sometimes it will go for hours without a problem. I've not noticed any correlation with camera activity, movement triggers etc which might account for it.

  • Yes these are the new Axis M1004-W cameras thanks.
  • This means that the camera is sending corrupt data that SecuritySpy cannot decompress. SecuritySpy will tolerate up to 5 bad frames in a row, but then it will close the connection to the camera and reconnect again.

    I've never heard of this problem before with Axis cameras, they are always very high quality. Usually I would recommend installing the latest firmware, but it seems that Axis hasn't released any.

    Can you tell me what video settings are set in the camera, and whether you have set the camera for JPEG or H.264 in the Video Device Settings window in SecuritySpy?

    Are you getting this error only on one particular camera, or all four of them?

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