Frequent excessive packet loss and spurious alerts since 5.2.3
  • Hi,

    I have searched and don't see a similar thread posted, though I was hoping there might be.

    I have been very happily using SecuritySpy for some time, and since somewhere during the V4 era I upgraded my disparate cameras to UniFi, taking the SS feed by RTSP initially from the UniFi NVR and more recently from the UniFi Protect device.

    That gives me control of some camera features that aren't available if they are configured standalone and also allows me to have two systems monitoring my cameras, Protect having around 36 hours of continuous capture as a backup to SS set up to record motion only.

    I purchased the upgrade to V5 as soon as it was available and all continued to work well until I upgraded to 5.2.2. After that I started to get occasional error emails saying there was excessive packet loss.

    It was never more than a nuisance and I just deleted the emails, however I upgraded yesterday to 5.2.3 and almost immediately the emails multiplied hugely. I had 887 this morning and I cleared them out of my inbox prior to going to bed. They seem to come around 1-20 minutes apart and it's almost as if they go around my cameras in a round robin, so I'll get an error email for cam1, then cam 2 etc., seeing most of my 15 cameras represented before a repeat.

    Also since the upgrade I have started to get alerts and even recordings on cameras where there is no motion - for example in a closed garage during daylight on a cloudy day where there is no shadow movement, and no spider web or anything visibly moving in the recording. This is more an issue than the errors (I have temporarily turned off error emails) as I don't want to lose real recordings by modifying my motion trigger settings that have been working very well. For this last it isn't all cameras however, rather three have done it, with one being very noisy, a second fairly frequent and the third only once or twice.

    I realise my SecuritySpy configuration is an edge case, however this has definitely happened immediately following SS updates. The UniFi updates I have applied recently have been at different times and caused no discernible change in SS behaviour.

    Is there something in the 5.2.2 and especially 5.2.3 releases that could cause what I am seeing? If so, is there something I can do to work around the issue? Anyone else seen something similar and fixed?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Hi I suggest you read the following

    I think this would fix your problem !

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