Http streaming from homebridge not working after beta10
  • @ben, is possible that after beta10 the streaming from homebridge via ffmpeg stoped working?
    I have cameras configured on ffmpeg plugin and was working flawlessly till beta10.

  • the configuration is

    "source": "-i http://:@:/++hls?cameraNum=0&codec=h264&width=1280&height=720",

    "stillImageSource": "-i http://:@:/++image?cameraNum=0&width=480&height=270",
  • Working here but I recommend rtsp stream. Try this:

    "source": "-rtsp_transport tcp -i rtsp://USER:PASSWORD@IP_ADDRESS:PORT/++stream?cameraNum=0&codec=h264",

    "stillImageSource": "-i http://USER:PASSWORD@IP_ADDRESS:PORT/++image?cameraNum=0"
  • IT works with rtsp thanks

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