Multiple UNF Files
  • Just recently after the update my SS started to record into multiple UNF files for each day. Some files are small and some are large.

    I have all my cameras set to motion capture and "one movie per day". Things were working fine until recently.

    Is there a new setting that I'm missing?
  • These are unfinished files that are currently being recorded to, which should be completed and turned into MOV/MP4 files when finished. If this is not happening, and there are UNF files left over after the end of the day, this would indicate some recording error. Please send the log file (File menu in SecuritySpy -> Open Log) to and we'll investigate. Thanks.
  • Thank you will do. I restarted everything and it seemed to fix the problem today. I'll still send the log file over with the screenshot of the UNF files.

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