ai motion new version
  • Hi yesterday ive installed the new version, today i had a lot of notifications (wrong) about person movement (is a tree) that i didnt had before, i have sensivity 50% and ai human 90%.
    can be due to new version?
  • This shouldn't be due to the new version, but if you would like to try the old one and compare them side by side, here are the download links:

    SecuritySpy 5.2.2

    SecuritySpy 5.2.3

    If you think there is a problem, please send a screenshot of your Preferences -> Cameras -> Triggers screen for this particular camera to and we'll help you directly with this. When emailing, please supply your log file (File menu in SecuritySpy -> Open Log). Thanks.
  • Im also having no luck with AI. I created the (SS AI predictions) folder and nothing shows. No errors in the log file. Ive tried rolling back to 5.2.2 and still having problems.
    I ran the classifier test and didnt get any errors there.
  • Hi Mike, the folder you'll need to create is called "AI Predictions" (as described in this blog post: Optimising SecuritySpy’s AI Object Detection. Hopefully the images created there will shed some light on what is happening.

    In addition, you should enable video motion detection under Preferences -> Cameras -> Triggers, and set the Human slider to around 85 (for Motion Capture and/or Actions as appropriate). Then you must set a schedule to arm either Motion Capture or Actions by right-clicking on the camera and selecting "Armed 24/7" (or other suitable schedule).

    If you are still having problems, please email us and provide screenshots of your settings.
  • Yes Ben. Everything was working fine on the latest Beta version, I downloaded this new release and AI no longer works. I’ll send the screenshots. Thanks.
  • Can confirm started yesterday to malfunction
  • There does appear to be a problem here, we are investigating this now and hope to have a solution very soon.
  • Sorry about this, there was a bug that erroneously turned off the AI in a rare set of circumstances. This should now be fixed in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.2.4b2). Please confirm.
  • Yes Ben! That fixed it!
    It’s strange that I can’t creat an ai folder that works on the desktop. I have to creat a folder in home SecuritySpy. But thanks for the fix!
  • Also. I can’t play videos on IOS or Apple TV.
    I have full administrative setup.
    The video previews are there but when I tape a video to play, it says (connection failed, unable to connect to the server)
  • Great to hear the problem is fixed. This just shows how effective the AI is at screening out false positives!

    Sorry, I got the location of the "AI Predictions" folder wrong above. You are correct, the path for this folder should be ~/SecuritySpy/AI Predictions (i.e. within the SecuritySpy folder within the Home folder).

    As for the iOS playback issue, this is a bug in the beta (we're working on the web server code) which should now be fixed in the new 4.2.4b3 beta version - please confirm.
  • Confirmed. Everything works great on this end!
    Thanks for the update. And yes the AI is fantastic at screening out unwanted false positives. Keep up the great work!...
  • Confirmes also on this Ena. Thanks for you Support

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