Error running the built-in web server. 4.2.12,90100,-50 Bad parameter
  • I get a regular error message in the SecuritySpy log "Error running the built-in web server. 4.2.12,90100,-50 Bad parameter" What does this mean? How can it be resolved?
  • This indicates a problem with the SSL certificate. Have you supplied your own custom certificate? If so, please remove this and then quit/reopen SecuritySpy (i.e. remove any key or certificate file that exists in the ~/SecuritySpy folder). If you haven't supplied your own certificate please let me know and I will provide further troubleshooting instructions.
  • I have not implemented a SSL certificate, so please provide information for troubleshooting
  • OK, please try this:

    - Quit SecuritySpy
    - Hold the alt (option) key on the keyboard and click the Go menu in the Finder; select the Library option
    - Within the Library folder, navigate into Application Support and then SecuritySpy
    - Delete the "selfsigneddata" file
    - Reboot your Mac
    - Open SecuritySpy

    SecuritySpy will then re-create its self-signed certificate (which is was it uses for the HTTPS web server if there is no-user supplied certificate).

    Does that do it?

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