• Hello,
    I always get this error when I do a "Test"

    I tested with password and anonymous access ... ditto.
    An idea?
    Thank you.
  • Hi Yvan, are you using the latest version of SecuritySpy? If this doesn't fix it, could you please email us and include a screenshot of your FTP setup, and we'll help you directly with this. It's not a known issue with SecuritySpy, so could be a problem with your setup.
  • Hello,
    Yes, I always use the latest version.
    Not a known problem? However the error "90045.8 comes from Securityspy! Does it mean nothing?

    I will send you screenshots ... to what address?
    Thank you
  • What I mean is that this problem isn't being reported by anyone else, and we can't reproduce it here, so it's unclear (unknown) right now what is causing this. This error message does come from SecuritySpy, but the error is being returned to SecuritySpy by a macOS system function that SecuritySpy is using. Please send your email to support@bensoftware.com.
  • Okay ! I wrote to you just now. Thank you.
  • Thanks for sending the screenshots - the problem is due to the way the address has been specifies (SecuritySpy requires the address with a "ftp://" prefix). I have sent you further information by email, which should fix your problem.
  • Great !!!!!!!!!
    Thank you ! it works.
    If it can be used for others:
    Note the Path on server: Disque dur (pour les Fran├žais)
    For those who use a freebox.

    Thank you to you and to the Ben team
  • That's great to hear, many thanks for letting us know. Apparently the server does not allow uploads to its root path (i.e. "/") so a valid path to a writable folder on the server needs to be specified.

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