Recommended Turret Cams ?
  • Yes, I've read the BSL blog posts on this. Something that I've read about and been told by installers is for outside the best option is a Turret style camera, Not a bullet if possible and really try to stay away from domes. OTOH, we've had domes and bullets that have worked well in the past (though the bullets def do accumulate spider webs at an amazing rate which is a PITA) so perhaps this is not such as hard rule of advice?

    I THINK what I'm looking for as a base cam for most outdoor locations is a 2Mp (or 4Mp) Varifocal Starlight/Darkfighter Turret (eyeball?) style camera. I believe a Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-ZE may be the ticket?

    Thoughts on this? Other recommendations or advice?

  • There are advantages and drawbacks of each style. The main advantage of a dome is that you can't immediately tell where it's pointing. But if this is not an issue for you, then avoid dome cameras because the curved plastic cover is a weak point in terms of image quality.

    Turret and bullet cameras can offer higher quality due to the lack of this plastic shell. Bullets often have sun shades, which reduce glare and protect the lens from rain. But yes, they do tend to attract spiders! Turrets on the other hand can be more compact.

    Dahua and Hikvision both make good turret cameras (and bullets of course). Sharx makes great bullet cameras.

    The IPC-HDW5231R-ZE looks fine, but 2 MP resolution is rather low by today's standards. Check out the N45DJ62 instead - it has a 4 MP sensor and also has a built-in microphone, which might be useful.
  • Thanks Ben. A N45DJ62 arrived this morning and I've been comparing it a bit to the HDW5231R-ZE. Certainly much better ...but also twice the cost. :-)

    I may do a mix of the two for basic use.

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