Ring my phone like Skype/Google Voice?
  • I imagine this has been requested before but I didn't see anything pop up in the search results.

    Would it be possible, when motion is detected, for Security Spy iOS to ring my phone repeatedly with a notification, like a phone call, and then if I "answer" the notification, take me straight into the app, to the camera that detected motion, with audio send enabled, so I can immediately communicate with the person who triggered the motion?

    Taking it one step further, if I didn't answer the notification, Security Spy would play a pre-configured voice message through the camera?

    That would be like...totally cool.
  • We have an example on our SecuritySpy AppleScript Examples page to initiate a FaceTime call, however it's not possible to have the call then take you to the app, or play a voice message.

    Is there any reason why you think the existing notifications are inadequate? They will pop up on your iOS device immediately, and tapping on them takes you directly to the live video in our app. You can read more about the notification features here: SecuritySpy iOS app - Notifications.
  • Hi Ben, I wouldn't characterize the existing notifications as 'inadequate' - but perhaps, 'minimal'? The issue most relevant to me is, I would like to receive something more than a single iOS notification alert sound/banner on my phone when a SecSpy notification arrives. Sometimes I miss those notifications because it's just a "ping" sound like all the other little notification noises that my phone makes, whether for texts, or Apple's "news" alerts, etc. I figured maybe there was a way, not unlike a phone/voice app - to make SecSpy iOS app do something more attention grabbing like repeatedly "ring" when a notification arrives from a certain camera, just to draw my attention? From there, if that was possible, I thought, it would be very convenient to be able to to tap that notification and be taken directly to the live video feed of the camera that initiated the notification, with send audio enabled, so I could communicate instantly. Yes, I can tap on the notification, then tap on the camera, then tap the gear icon, then tap "send audio" - not a big deal, though somewhat slow as it does take 4 taps to get there - I was just thinking that this could be like a 'communication mode' that could be enabled which could neatly tie it all together. Sometimes I am monitoring my location and want to be able to communicate with people when they enter an area, so a 'communicate mode' similar to what I'm describing would just make that a bit easier/more intuitive. A typical use case is just to be able to as quickly as possible communicate with someone who enters an area (ie, people working at your home/office or kids wandering into an unauthorized area, etc).
  • There is an option with the push notifications to play custom sounds. We aren't using it at the moment - we're just using the default iOS notification sound - but perhaps we can add some custom sounds and make these available as an option in the app. This could then give you a longer/louder/different sound that will stand out over all the other notifications that you may be getting on your iOS device.

    As for turning on sending audio by default, I'm not so sure this is a good idea. But perhaps we can make the option easier/quicker to engage than it currently is (i.e. perhaps requiring one tap rather than the two that it currently requires).
  • Thank you
    I too find the notification sounds too discreet!
    I found a script that launches Facetime and co-stores the desired number, but you have to press the button called ... which is not possible.
  • set phone_num to "0000372384"

    do shell script "open facetime-audio://" & quoted form of phone_num
    tell application "System Events"
    repeat until (button "Call" of window 1 of application process "FaceTime" exists)
    delay 1
    end repeat
    click button "Call" of window 1 of application process "FaceTime"
    end tell

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