Request for beta testing help - video streaming fixes
  • Hello all,

    The new 5.2.2b11 beta version of SecuritySpy has some significant changes to the RTSP/RTP interpreter in order to fix video streaming problems, particularly with Dahua, Amcrest and ACTi cameras. This update is designed to specifically fix Dahua H.265 decoding issues, but it has a number of other changes to improve streaming with other cameras too.

    With RTSP/RTP there are a lot of edge cases to cover, and a wide variety across manufacturers and camera models as to how exactly they stream video data, sometimes within official specifications but other times not so. And often with changes to the RTSP code, fixing one problem can inadvertently cause another. We have a number of cameras here to test with, but in order to cover all bases and avoid unexpected problems with the next release, it would be very helpful if as many of you as possible can test this software with your cameras and report back.


    - It would be very helpful for anyone to test, but particularly owners of Dahua, Amcrest and ACTi cameras.

    - Please test both H.264 and H.265 streaming, if supported by your cameras.

    - Please report back any problems that you find to Please compare this beta with the official release so that we know whether any problems found in the beta are specific to the beta and didn't exist before.

    - When reporting a problem, please provide a screenshot of the camera's Device setup in SecuritySpy along with the log file (File menu in SecuritySpy -> Open Log).

    Many thanks for your help!
  • I have several Amcrest IP2M-841B-V3 cams I will monitor.
  • I've run Beta 5.2.2b10 for 24 hrs with 6 Dahua IPC-HDW5231-ZE and its been running perfectly! first time H.265 has worked in SecuritySpy for me. Great work!...
    I just downloaded the new beta and will report any problems to support.
    Thanks again for the hard work!
  • No issues with IP2M-841B-V3 Amcrest cameras, H.265 working well. v5.2.2b11
  • My Dahua SD49225T-HN, SD1A203T-GN, and HFW5231E-Z12E cameras are now able to use H265 with the new SS beta!

    Fantastic change.
  • This affected about half of my 16 cams. Total data rate dropped from 550 KB/s down to 420. CPU went from 17% to 15%.

    Decreases CPU load, decreases network traffic, and increases effective recording capacity. Nice.
  • Many thanks to everyone who tested this, this is much appreciated and all your feedback has been very helpful. This has now ben released as an official 5.2.2 update.
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