Enable all cameras from shell script
  • Had a frustrating time yesterday trying to use the API docs at https://www.bensoftware.com/securityspy/web-server-spec.html to enable cameras from the command-line. It seems the API has changed and the docs are out of date.

    I did find an open source project with with some hints as to the V5 API and got as far as:

    curl --insecure "https://admin:mypassword@"

    That gets an "OK" response but has no effect. I'm trying to set all cameras to Armed 24/7 on C, M & A each morning in case I've disabled them and forgotten.


  • Do you need an override for that to work?
  • This API has changed a bit recently, but the documentation currently online is current for the latest version of SecuritySpy (5.2.1) so make sure you're running this version. The request to arm all modes for all cameras is:

  • I upgraded to 5.2.1 and that was nearly the right request, thanks, but only does "C". The correct one for all modes is:

  • Good to hear you have it working. Yes, X means "all modes", but CMA should also work here too - I'll make sure to check that and fix it in the next update if necessary.

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