Actionscript change of Motion Action Triggered sounds
  • Hello Ben;

    I have my Home Assistant set up to change the PTZ of my cameras to different positions throughout the day based on different criteria. I have successfully configured the scripts to change the notification sounds triggered by Motion triggered actions, but these sounds vary in duration and as such need to modify the soundPlayDuration, but I can't seem to get it to work.

    Can you help out? Here's the relevant part of the script:

    property thePath : "http://user:pass@localhost:8000/++camerasetup"

    do shell script "curl -d " & "'cameraNum=2&soundMenu=MySound.aiff&soundPlayDurationText=\"4\"action=save' " & thePath
  • Wow, no sooner did I post that last message than I had a flash that I may have forgotten an "&"... removing the "\quotes" didn't hurt either. Kindly disregard my request for help as the script now works.

    Thank you!

    For those that may be interested, here's the working script:

    do shell script "curl -d " & "'cameraNum=2&soundMenu=MySound.aiff&soundPlayDurationText=4&action=save' " & thePath

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