RevoTech - POE Starlight ONVIF indoor cam for £38
  • Quick note to say that I just started experimenting with this camera:
    Note there are many white-label versions of this, but this link is the specific one.

    For £38 it seemed pretty high spec, with:
    POE + 12v inline power
    ONVIF - it was a 30sec job to get it working in SSpy
    max 2304x1296 px / 2MP
    claimed "Starlight" ; low-light performance without illum.
    H.265 and multicast

    There were some Russian youtube reviews suggesting very insecure firmware, but I flashed it with the new SW on arrival (only issue was immediately syncing with a NTP server).

    It does not seem possible to view the current video in the cam's own web software using a Mac - this is no issue for me as it's a net-streaming IP cam, but for some people that may cause an issue.

    Next I scanned the device with Zenmap (as I do with all network devices), as well as writing a firewall rule to stop the IP from ever being able to punch out to the WAN/Internet (as I do with all devices that don't need direct web access, obvs). Out of the box this was the result:

    Scanning [65535 ports]

    Open port 80/tcp on << web app for config and HTTP<br />
    Open port 8554/tcp on << RTSP<br />
    Open port 8099/tcp on << unknown, but returned data on the scan<br />
    Open port 18320/tcp on << "CloudSEE" transfer: their app. Port can be changed not disabled<br />
    Open port 29999/tcp on << tcpwrapped<br />
    Open port 9101/tcp on << this one seemed odd, shared with old backup / print sw<br />
    Open port 8127/tcp on << unknown, but returned data on the scan<br />
    Completed SYN Stealth Scan at xx:xx

    My insanely secure robo-generated password has stuck through several reboots. For peace of mind and easy admin I've allocated a static DHCP address using the MAC, as well as specifying a fixed IP in the web-based config utility (which is far from the worst I've used).

    Initial impressions are really good. Slightly warm to the touch and OK in low light (too dark to walk around, anyway). Some minor issues, such as refusing to go below 12fps. The "night low frame" option appears to do some co-adding / frame-stacking to improve SNR in low light. Works well. Also has defog (auto contrast, basically) and Digital WDR.

    Tomorrow I'll actually install it somewhere and in a few days I will report back on its reliability (something criticised in much earlier versions) and the overall suitability as an indoor H.265 non-IR illum POE camera.

    I'll edit this post / add replies as I refine thinking.
  • Some details on the 1080P stream. And a view of the strange colour cast you get on some items (my cam doesn't seem to have an IR-cut filter). The canopy on the baby seat is black IRL.
  • Just a note to suggest that in the last couple of weeks I have added 2x more of these to my network and they work well. They're great for moonlight colour and they also work well in greyscale.

    In the interests of disclosure I did need to swap the main cam board of my original one after it dropped stone dead - even though months had passed, the manufacturers sent me a new board FOC, without any hassle. Comms were through Amazon.

    A couple of bugs came to light which are annoying but not deal-breaking; on reboot the cam reverts to MMDDYYYY for the OSD, even though the software remains on DDMMYYY. And in H.265/1080P the cams sometimes glitch and go to 25fps (the default) even though the interface should lock them to 18fps. Because of the hard firewall rules I have them behind I also needed to sync them with a LAN NTP server (no big deal).

    Best CPU vs. quality mix for me was to knock them down to 720P 18fps and to use H.265. Any more pixels and my Mac Mini struggles a bit to decode (I'm on an 8-cam setup), if I switch to H.264 they load the network too much.
  • Very interesting - it's an unusual camera that could fit a niche for cheap, discreet indoor usage. Many thanks for sharing your experiences.
  • excellent and useful write up, I'll take a look at the US versions
  • Hey @camguyfbr - any progress?

    I have two cameras on this software. I'm looking for a way to listen to events (human detection/line crossing and other stuff we can set from GUI) with camera being disconnected from the world.

    My camera also has 37777 port open, but I haven't tried if this bug/backdoor: applies to this camera (mostly because I don't need any of this stuff)

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