Any using Homebridge to view their SecuritySpy cameras in HomeKit... how's the experience?
  • Curious if anyone here is using the Homebridge plugin "homebridge-camera-ffmpeg" to view their SecuritySpy cameras in HomeKit? I am considering this set up and would love to hear if anyone has any experience with it and what it's like day-to-day.

    According to the Tested Configurations page it looks like it's a pretty simple process to connect SecuritySpy -> HomeKit through Homebridge:

    If anyone is currently running this, mind weighing in on the following?

    •How reliable is the configuration?
    •Approx how long does it take in HomeKit for a live stream of one of your SecuritySpy cameras to start playing back?
    •Are you able to get audio (in addition to video) from your SecuritySpy cameras when viewing them in HomeKit?
    •What about two-way audio? Like sending audio back from HomeKit to your camera's speaker (if your camera has a hardware speaker of course)
    •Does the homebridge-camera-ffmpeg plugin create a "motion sensor" accessory in HomeKit from your SecuritySpy's camera motion detector? (I don't think so but would like to confirm.)
    •Any other general thoughts on the setup?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Reliable - yes, for snapshots every 10 seconds, more so than video.
    It takes around 10 seconds to start a live stream after selecting a snapshot in the home app. I'm running homebridge on a 2019 Mac Mini.
    No two way audio (that I'm aware of)

    General thoughts - I did this just to have a snapshot view in the home app, via homekit. It doesn't work great for live viewing, and I would not suggest it as a replacement, it is not even close to the functionality of the SS app. It is nice to have a single spot to view all smart home devices quickly, which is what I use it for.
  • Awesome, thanks for the feedback @startak11 Good to know ahead of time that it's good for quick reference of snapshots but not great for live viewing. Appreciate your post!
  • @startak11, are you using "one-way" audio? For hearing the audio coming from your cameras? (understood that two-audio isn't possible)
  • It works but only to view. I haven’t managed to get 1-way audio to work. There is either a missing library for ffmpeg or I need a setting in my config.json. There is a 12 second lag in streaming. I’m running homebridge on a Raspberry Pi 3b+ and SS on a 2012 Mac Mini.
  • I have 4 PoE cams:
    2 x Gadinan 1080p
    1 x Lorex (LNB8963) 3840p
    1 x JideTech PTZ (IPD-E2B5Y18) 1080p (20x optical)
    All working in SS and all cameras have "deny all" in firewall LAN setup.
    I use ZeroTier to access SS via iOS or webpage so no port forwarding setup on router nor do I need any dyndns service with ZT.

    I have Hoobs configured and am using ffmpeg plugin to go directly to cameras given PTZ is not available that I can see.

    If SS offered passthrough (obviously/only if desired cam equal to HomeKit encode requirements) of camera and PTZ, I'd switch in a heartbeat!

    Currently, feeds take about 4 seconds and that is ~ the lag also.

  • I have this working well, though without audio, using the "Authentication in URL" method described in the web server docs.

    I don't know why doing it this way works better, but it does. Here's a config example:

    "name": "Camera FFmpeg",
    "cameras": [
    "name": "Front Door",
    "videoConfig": {
    "source": "-i",
    "stillImageSource": "-i",
    "maxStreams": 6,
    "maxFPS": 10
    "platform": "Camera-ffmpeg"

    The cameras I'm using all output 2560x1920 (4:3) into SecuritySpy and I only use 10 fps. They work extremely reliably via Homebridge now with stills and instantly starting video in the Home app.

    Sadly, every time I try to enable audio the feed falls over, though as this is going through FFMPEG there is bound to be a way to fix that, I'm just not bothered enough to try. The only time I review audio tends to be from the recorded file, which is one of the things I use the SecuritySpy iOS app for.

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