Network Trojans Detected @ and
  • .. are these SecuritySpy phoning home?
  • is and Here are the reasons that SecuritySpy might make outgoing connections to this server:

    1) To set your DDNS name, if you have set this up in the Web Preferences.

    2) To check for license violations, whereby one SecuritySpy license code is being used on two Macs at the same time.

    3) To obtain iOS Notifications feedback data. This contains information about failed iOS notifications, so that SecuritySpy can stop notifications to a device that no longer has our SecuritySpy iOS app installed. If we don't do this, Apple will block us from their notification servers.

    4) Auto-update connection: SecuritySpy obtains a small text file to determine if if there is an update. No personal data is transmitted. Auto-update can be turned off in the General Preferences. is not one of our servers.

    It's weird that these are being called "Trojans" - these are simply outgoing connections to the Internet, and there are perfectly legitimate reasons why software would need to do this.
  • Thanks Ben ... I use the Unifi Controller for our network and its Intrusion Detection System identifies the call out as a "Network Trojan". I can just whitelist it ;-)
  • I also get the alert on my Unifi system when SecuritySpy starts up. But the IP address is Is this IP also BenSoftware? (Been using SS for 4 years and love it!)
  • Hi @rschon - yes, is currently our static IP address for (this has changed since the above post in 2018). Great to hear you love SecuritySpy!
  • Thanks Ben! I added to the Threat Management Allow List on Unifi (if other Unifi users are interested). BTW, your updates to include calling python scripts (run shell commands) from Actions and inclusion of Homekit and many more web calls has prompted me to update my text message based SecuritySpy control command add-ons and leave AppleScripts. Your software has been absolutely solid for the entire years I have used. Thanks!
  • Thanks @rschon, your comments are much appreciated!

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