Integrating D-Link Motion Sensor with SecuritySpy
  • I'm looking for advice regarding some automation between some d-link wifi motion sensors I just got and securityspy. What I would like to do is have certain video cameras that are under securityspy control start recording when the d-link motion sensor detects motion. Has anyone done something similar?
  • I don't think these can be easily used with SecuritySpy, because they seem to only support D-Link's own "mydlink" system, which works with their own software only.

    What cameras do you currently have? Many cameras have input ports on the back that are designed for connecting devices such as PIR sensors.
  • I have a AMCREST IP2M-841 and a couple USB connected cameras. Given I have some d-link motion sensors in rooms that don't have cameras it would be awesome if I could somehow:

    - Use the ifttt app on both my wife's iphone and mine to to set motion detection on when we leave the house (or off when either one of us comes home) and enable/disable camera triggers. I'm looking at the dropbox applet with ifttt location trigger to record this info however using that info seems like it will take some programming on my part.

    - When a motion is detected by the d-link motion sensors, turn on continuous record for X minutes for the cameras under securityspy control.

    Support for this is very desirable.
  • SecuritySpy does support the input ports on the back of the AMCREST IP2M-841 camera, so if you get some PIR sensors that provide a simple switched output, you can hook these up to your Amcrest cameras, and have the PIR sensors trigger motion detection. However this will mean replacing your D-Link PIR sensors, or using both in parallel.

    We are looking into IFTTT integration in SecuritySpy, as this is an oft-requested feature. In the mean time, if you can hook up an AppleScript to trigger from IFTTT, then this can be used to arm your system while you leave the house. Let me know if you need further info on how to write the AppleScript.
  • Thanks for the reply. I am aware of the securityspy applescript help webpage and will use that first and post if I have any questions.

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