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  • Hi,

    I am in the process of evaluating the SecuritySpy software; I've set-up my cameras (4 pcs) and all is well, except I can't capture. I've read the manual and for the best of me I can't see why I cannot get any recorded material.

    I've setup the cameras to record only on motion detection, without special patterns or masks. I can see that that the cameras' status change (to the red R circle and MD), but using the SS browser I can't locate any recording. I've setup the capture type to "Separate movie per event". All cameras are switched to active mode. What also makes me wonder, is that once the R-MD status is reached, it never turns back to idle (should it?), even though there is no motion any more. The "R" should indicate that the system is recording, but where are the recordings?

    My understanding is that in evaluation mode the software should still be able to record, but with the "Demo" watermark on the image. Am I wrong?


  • After further testing, if I enable "Continuous/timelapse capture" I manage to capture video, but what I need is only when some motion os detected. So on one hand the software indicates that the motion detection operates properly (status=R-MD), and on the other hand I can record (in continuous mode). So what is missing to record only if motion is detected?
  • It sounds like what you need to do is turn off Continuous capture under Camera Settings -> Continuous capture and instead enable motion detection capture under Camera Settings -> Motion capture. The exact name of this setting is "Capture movie when motion is detected", as described in the manual.

    Then, simply set the camera to Active mode and SecuritySpy will capture video whenever motion is detected.
  • The Continuous capture was obviously turned off.

    Meanwhile I found the problem: If the parameter "pre-capture" time is set to 0 (null), then there will be no captures. Seems to me a bug (except if it's not a feature I don't understand ;-). After setting it to 5 it started capturing. Set it back to 0 and there will be no capture.
  • You should certainly still get captures with the pre-capture time set to 0, this is a perfectly valid setting. I have just tested this an it works for me. Anytime you get the red circle and "MD" shown, this means that SecuritySpy is capturing video in response to motion detection.

    The first thing you should do is check you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy. If you are still having problems, please email us to open a support ticket and we'll look into it further.
  • I am using SecuritySpy version 3.0.4 (still in the 30 days evaluation mode). The bug is in my case systematically reproducible. As a side effect, after the camera triggers on motion -- at least as shown on the Camera Status window, it remains there with the MD hanging forever. But no recordings are made.

    Another quirk that bothers me is that some captured files cannot be manually deleted using the web interface. In fact, I can't delete those files not even from the browser: selecting the file and pressing backspace, I get the question (are you sure...?); after answering yes, the file is gone from the listing in the browser, but after closing and reopening the browser, the file is still there.
  • This is highly unusual, and not a known problem. Please email us to open a support ticket and we will get back to you directly with some troubleshooting procedures, and a newer beta version of SecuritySpy for you to test.
  • I am still "sitting on the fence" if to buy the software or not. The fact is, there is no better solution for a Mac, however there are some things I am missing in the software (apart from this or other bugs, as described before -- finally I deleted de files by hand! Hint: in my case, the oldest file can never be deleted via SS).

    There is another thing that I can't understand: most cameras have preset positions that can be named. It is a pain in the ass to rename all these presets again in SecuritySpy. It is my understanding that there are APIs (i.e. commands) to retrieve all these presets +including+ their original names from the cameras, at least for the Axis models (don't know about others). We have an Axis PTZ camera for which we set 14 presets. Not only that there are not enough positions in SS to assign (btw, why are they limited to 8?), but we had to compare original image with SS image to assign the 8 presets in the same way.
  • In what deleting files concerns: the log file shows messages like "30-06-13 1157-41: Error deleting the file "19-06-2013 MD" 3.0.4,5121,-47 Cannot delete the file because it is busy". Maybe it helps.
  • In regards to the PTZ presets: I understand what you are saying, but we have to implement such things in a way that they work consistently across all camera models. We decided on making 8 preset positions available, as this seems to be the number of presets that most cameras have. I understand that some have more, but this is quite rare, and we almost never get customers telling us that they need more than 8.

    In regards to the preset names: you are correct that some cameras have an API to get the preset names. But we don't implement this because it is quite rare, and of course will vary between camera models. It would take a significant development effort to implement this across many different camera models, and we have to prioritise our development time on more important features. The idea here is that you don't need to set up any preset names in the camera itself: SecuritySpy is the software that you use to view/manage/control the camera, so typically, customers only need to set up the preset position and names via SecuritySpy.

    As for the file deletion, that error does indicate that the file cannot be deleted because it is open. This may be because it is open in some application other than SecuritySpy. But I will test this in SecuritySpy thoroughly before the next release to make sure there is no bug in this regard.
  • Thanks for the explanation regarding the presets. I was suspecting that there is no common standard in retrieving preset names. Anyway, increasing the number of presets in SS to something like 15 (or 16 as programmers like to do ;-) would be not bad at all.

    Regarding the files open in other application, I can't imagine what application this might be, especially as I can delete the files without any trouble using the command line (Terminal).

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