Don't get E-Mails
  • Hello,

    I am new to SS (tryout phase) but I am no native speaker so I have some problems to understand the installation...
    I have set up all cameras in the setup section. They show videos in their pictures. But if they are armed they don't send an E-mail with pictures, if someone is walking into the rooms. Seems that the cams are uploading videos to the ftp-server, but no E-Mails. E-Mail test was successful. Where I have to switch the settings to get E-Mails? In the actions?
  • Please check the following:

    - You have entered the destination email address correctly in the Preferences -> Cameras -> Actions section.

    - You have "Armed" actions for the camera. You can do this by right-clicking on the camera in any video window, and selecting the "Arm Actions" options. You should see the letter "A" in the Status column in the Camera Info window.

    If you have checked the above, and it's still not working, then the emails are probably getting trapped in a spam filter or junk mail folder. Please check this.

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