if motion is dedected, is it possible to automatically let the light turn on and have a recorded dog
  • what hardware do I need, to have a lightswitch turn on and to play sound of a barking dog? I like to have a burgler- scare effect to protect the property.

    please excuse my english... I am German!
  • I find the answer in the manual now: http://www.controlbyweb.com/x17s/
    will be the solution for the light switch and I guess a camera with loudspeaker will we the solution for tha "barking dog"
  • Yes, the WebRelay devices by ControlByWeb are very good and can trigger things like lights.

    As for a barking dog, SecuritySpy can play sounds when motion is detected (see the Actions section of the Camera Settings window). So if you can obtain a barking dog sound as an AIFF or MP3 file, simply move it to the ~/SecuritySpy/Sounds/ folder and it will be available in SecuritySpy. Then hook up a speaker to your Mac's audio output.
  • I have a simple PIR (£15-00) that switches on an outside light and a table lamp in my living room and a TV flicker device which duplicates the flickering light of a TV upon motion detection. It's all hard wired of course but very simple to do.

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