• I recently purchased a LaView Panda (Model LV-PC902F2-W). It appears to be a rebranded HikVision cube. Anyway, I tried to get it to work with SecuritySpy but with limited success. I used the "Hikvision" device type and SecuritySpy picked it up right away. But that has been the extent of my success.

    An example: I can't connect to the camera from a different computer on the same local network. If I use the computer running SecuritySpy - no problem. I have no problem finding the camera on a browser (Safari or Chrome) using the ip address for the camera and can access all the settings (LaView interface). I have found that I can also run the program iVMS-4200 provided by HikVision with no problem. Seems to have the same settings of the camera but with the HikVision interface.

    Does this camera have any hope of utilizing all that SecuritySpy has to offer - especially remote access, or am I just out of luck? Would appreciate any help as I am stumped.
  • Hi,

    Good to hear you worked out how to get the video streaming into SecuritySpy, this is useful information as we haven't come across this camera before.

    As for accessing the video feed from a different computer, you should connect to SecuritySpy rather than directly to the camera itself. Enable SecuritySpy's web server feature (it's off by default for security), and set up remote viewing. Then you will be able to access SecuritySpy (live video, recordings, settings) from another device on your network or over the internet.

    We're here to help if you have any questions about this setup procedure.
  • Thanks Ben. As it turns out I was having computer issues. Once I moved the server to a different computer I was able to connect locally. Now to find a reliable server and test out port forwarding. Once I get that bit figured out I will report back - hopefully you can add this camera to the list as it works quite well (but with a funky firmware update process).
  • I borrowed my wife's computer and everything I have tested (motion detection/video capture, alerts, remote viewing) works like a charm. No issues thus far. Very pleased.

    This is what worked for me: 1) use the hikvision profile in the video device settings, 2) for firmware upgrades, download the latest from LaView but use the iVMS-4200 app from HikVision to install. Unfortunately (and inexplicably) the LaView software is Windows only.

    I wonder if the hikvision firmware upgrades would work on this unit?
  • Thanks for the information, this will be useful for any other customers using these cameras. It's unfortunate that the firmware upgrades are Windows-only, there's no reason why they couldn't have implemented this directly from the web interface like most other cameras.

    I would't like to try installing Hikvision firmware - even though the camera looks the same it might have some differences, and installing the wrong firmware version might result in a permanently broken camera!

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