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Multi-camera capture software for the Mac

NOTE: as of 2 July 2019, CaptureSync has been discontinued. This software is no longer being supported or updated.

CaptureSync is a multi-camera capture application for Mac OS X. It takes video and audio streams and records them to a single file, containing all streams synchronised together.

CaptureSync is perfect for recording events from multiple camera angles simultaneously: interviews, scientific experiments, psychological research, musical performances, sporting events, market research, lectures and presentations. It is easy to set up and operate, with a simple start/stop interface for creating recordings.

Read more about this example CaptureSync recording

CaptureSync produces standard QuickTime Movie files, which are widely supported and perfect for analysis or archiving.

A wide variety of input sources are supported, including virtually all network video devices on the market.

Axis ONVIF Y-cam
Samsung Sony Vivotek
Canon Zavio ACTi
Dahua Hikvision IQinVision
Arecont Vision Grandstream Bosch