Review: Merit LILIN LD2222 and IPD2220 IP Cameras

Merit LILIN is an established manufacturer of quality IP surveillance products, and has an extensive array of network cameras available for sale, from inexpensive consumer-level cameras to top-quality professional models.


The LILIN LD2222 and IPD2220 are both dome-type indoor 2 MP cameras with very similar feature sets. They are small and discreet, and can supply 1080p HD video as well as audio via a built-in microphone. Both support Power-over-Ethernet, making them easy to install when using a PoE-enabled switch. The main difference between the two models is the low-light performance: the LD2222 is rated down to 0.6 lux while the IPD2220 is specified to produce useful images at down to 0.2 lux, due to what LILIN calls “Sense UP+” low-light technology. This potentially makes the IPD2220 particularly useful for installation in locations with poor lighting.

Here we are testing the LD2222E4, which has a 4mm lens (there is also a LD2222E2 model available with a 2.8mm lens), and the IPD2220ES2, which has a 2.8mm lens (there is also a IPD2220ES4.3 model available with a 4mm lens). The shorter the focal length the wider the angle of view, however lenses with very short focal lengths (such as 2.8mm) tend to exhibit significant barrel distortion, resulting in a mild fish-eye effect.

LD2222 IP Camera

LD2222 IP Camera

Build Quality

The cameras are compact, sleek and well-built. While casing of the the LD2222 is all-plastic, the IPD2220 has a metal base, which gives it a more solid feeling and provides a more secure mounting.

LD2222 IP Camera

LD2222 IP Camera


The cameras come pre-set to the static IP address, which means that initially you may have to temporarily change your Mac’s IP settings in order to connect (as per our Setting up network cameras instructions). However, once the camera’s IP address is correctly configured, its web interface is clear, logical and works well on Mac web browsers.

LD2222 Web Interface

LD2222 Web Interface

Image Quality

Both cameras produce good-quality video with correct colour rendition and plenty of detail, however the LD2222 generally lacks sharpness, and in low light produces a low-contrast noisy image. The IPD2220’s image is clearly superior, being much sharper with improved contrast and lower noise. The difference between the two cameras is especially noticeable in low lighting conditions. The IPD2220 is more wide-angle due to its 2.8mm lens, which is useful for confined spaces but does exhibit significant barrel distortion.

LD2222 Example Image (click for full size)

LD2222 Example Image (click for full size)

IPD2220 Example Image (click for full size)

IPD2220 Example Image (click for full size)


These are both great cameras that will be highly effective in a wide variety of indoor environments, and they are good value at around $240 for the LD2222 and $340 for the IPD2220. I would strongly recommend spending the extra money for the IPD2220 due to its superior sharpness and low-light performance.


  • High-resolution cameras with good quality images
  • The IPD2220 has impressive sharpness and low-light performance
  • Well-implemented firmware with Mac OS X support
  • Compact, sleek design.


  • The LD2222 requires good lighting to work effectively
  • Significant barrel distortion with the 2.8mm lens option
  • Pre-set static IP address makes setup a bit tricky.

Note: SecuritySpy is our Mac NVR software product, which will enable you to easily set up an effective video surveillance system in your home or office. It works with thousands of cameras, so there is always one to suit your requirements. Please feel free to email us with any questions.

2 thoughts on “Review: Merit LILIN LD2222 and IPD2220 IP Cameras

  1. Ciaran

    Hi, sorry to resurrect an old post. I was just wondering if you could recall the approximate distance from the camera to the bookshelf in the image with the 2.8mm lens? I’m trying to judge the suitability of such a wide angle lens for an art installation.


    1. Ben Software Post author

      Hi Ciaran, the camera is around 1.7m (67″) away from the bookcase. Good luck with the art installation!


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