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Multi-camera video surveillance software for the Mac

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System Requirements Calculator

Configure the below form with information about your planned video surveillance system and a suggested specification of computer will be given that should meet your requirements.

This is only approximate and we give no guarantees for the accuracy of this calculator, as there are many factors to consider. Having said that, the main factors are taken into account and the calculator should give a reasonable guide in most cases. It is based on the assumption that motion detection capture is being used, so not all cameras will be capturing at the specified frame rate at the same time, and that captured footage will be kept for a month.

If in doubt, use a faster computer and/or a larger hard disk than suggested.

Note that connecting multiple USB cameras can be problematic because of bandwidth limitations - see this FAQ for more information.

Number of cameras:
Video resolution of each camera:
Camera type:
Compression format for capture:
Frame rate (fps) for each camera: