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An application for video and audio transmission over a network

User Manual

Full instructions on how to use RemoteSight software

Frequently Asked Questions

What video input devices are supported?

Below are the devices we have tested and confirmed to work - other devices may work if they have Mac driver software available from the manufacturer.

  • Built-in Apple iSight / FaceTime cameras
  • USB cameras
  • Any Blackmagic device for analog, SDI and HDMI input.
Most USB cameras support the "UVC" standard and will work without having to install driver software. For non-UVC USB cameras, you will need one that advertises macOS compatibility and therefore has driver software provided by the manufacturer.

Can RemoteSight run before login?

Unfortunately not, because the system blocks access to most video and audio devices unless a user is logged in. For security, you can enable a screen saver that requires a password to dismiss (this can be set up in the Desktop & Screen Saver, and Security & Privacy system preferences).

Do I need to use SecuritySpy or CaptureSync?

Not necessarily. Part of RemoteSight's design is to send media streams to SecuritySpy or CaptureSync to be recorded, although RemoteSight is still useful as a standalone application due to its web interface that can be viewed in Safari, Chrome or FireFox. However, to get full use of RemoteSight we do recommend using SecuritySpy or CaptureSync for two reasons: the first is that a web browser can display the video streams from RemoteSight, whereas SecuritySpy and CaptureSync can also receive and play the audio stream. For monitoring video and audio from RemoteSight (without recording), SecuritySpy is free for this purpose. The second reason is that SecuritySpy and CaptureSync can additionally record the media streams; this requires you to purchase a SecuritySpy or CaptureSync license.

Can I disable the small icon/menu that RemoteSight places in the right side of the menu bar?

No, this icon informs anyone using the computer that they might be observed. We do not condone spying on people without their knowledge.

I forgot the username or password to log onto the RemoteSight web server - how do I reset these?

If RemoteSight is currently running, you first have to quit it - this can be done using the Activity Monitor application in your /Applications/Utilities/ folder: open Activity Monitor, select RemoteSight from the list of open Applications and click the "Quit Process" button in the top left-hand corner of the Activity Monitor window. Next, delete the RemoteSight Preferences file, which you will find in your ~/Library/Preferences/ folder, by dragging it to the Trash (hold the alt key while clicking in the Finder's Go menu, and the Library folder will appear there). This procedure erases all settings.

Can the mouse cursor be included in the screen capture?

Yes, if you enlarge the cursor size in the "Accessibility" / "Universal Access" system preference.