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An application for video and audio transmission over a network

RemoteSight is an application for video and audio transmission over a network. It captures video from any attached video input device (e.g. iSight/FaceTime cameras built into many Mac computers), which can then be viewed on another computer over a local network or the internet.

The primary use of RemoteSight is to send video and audio feeds to a second computer to be recorded. To this end, it seamlessly integrates with two of our other software products: SecuritySpy, our video surveillance software, and CaptureSync, our multi-camera synchronised capture software.

RemoteSight can also be used as a standalone application for remotely monitoring anything happening on or around a particular computer, effectively turning the computer's camera into a network camera that can be viewed in a web browser such as Safari.

The feature list is as follows:

  • Streams video and audio via the built-in web server
  • Supports most Mac-compatible cameras and audio input devices
  • Screen capture
  • Runs in the background with low CPU usage
  • Integrates seamlessly with SecuritySpy and CaptureSync
  • Supports both JPEG and MPEG-4 video streaming formats
  • Remote management of settings via the web interface