Movie Fixer

A free utility that fixes corrupted QuickTime Movie files

This software will attempt to repair corrupt movie files.

It works with movie files containing video in the following formats: JPEG, MPEG-4, H.264, DV-NTSC and DV-PAL. It works best with files created by our CCTV software SecuritySpy that may have become corrupt due to a power outage or drive issue during recording.


The current version is 4.0, released 12 April 2018. This version is compatible with any Mac running OS X 10.7 or later.

This software is free for anyone to use. Please note that this software is provided AS IS and without warranty of any kind. It is designed to be useful but Ben Software Ltd will not be responsible for any damage this software may cause to your files. You should make a backup of any file that you process with this software.


1. Make a copy of the movie file so that you don't change the original
2. Open the Movie Fixer application
3. Select the movie file you want to fix
4. Movie Fixer will try to determine the video parameters (codec, size, framer rate) automatically - if this is not possible, you will be prompted to enter these
5. Once Movie Fixer has processed the file, it will tell you if it was successful.