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HomeKit Integration For SecuritySpy

SecuritySpy is our flagship video surveillance software product, allowing you to turn your Mac into a fully-featured multi-camera recording station. SecuritySpy integrates with HomeKit via a helper app called HomeHelper, which you can download from the Mac App Store onto your Mac (macOS 11.0 or later required).

HomeHelper Icon

HomeHelper allows you to configure how SecuritySpy interacts with HomeKit, by defining Triggers and Actions that link up to each camera's Triggers and Actions in SecuritySpy.

HomeHelper Main Screen

Triggers define rules for initiating Motion Capture and Actions in cameras, based on changes to the state of HomeKit accessories (e.g. a light turning on initiating recording in a camera). You can add multiple accessories to each trigger, and each accessory will initiate the trigger. For example, the following trigger is initiated when either of two power sockets turns on:

HomeHelper Trigger

HomeHelper Triggers can be set for cameras under Preferences - Cameras - Triggers, and for schedule presets under Preferences - Scheduling - Schedule Presets.

Actions define rules for setting states of HomeKit accessories that can be initiated by SecuritySpy (e.g. motion detection in a camera causing a light to turn on). Multiple accessories can be added to each action, so that one action can make multiple changes. For example, the following action will turn on two lamps, and then reset them to their previous states after a short time:

HomeHelper Action

HomeHelper Actions are set for cameras under Preferences - Cameras - Actions.

Status indicator
An indicator at the bottom left corner of the HomeHelper window shows its status, which will be green when successfully connected to both SecuritySpy and HomeKit.

iCloud required
You will need to sign into iCloud on the Mac that is running SecuritySpy and HomeHelper.

Managing HomeKit devices
To add, remove or rename HomeKit accessories, use Apple's Home app.

HomeHelper must stay open
In order to function, HomeHelper must be open and visible, but it can run quietly in the background. SecuritySpy will open and close HomeHelper automatically as necessary.

Why is this a separate app?
This is required due to two limitations imposed by Apple. The first is that normal macOS apps, such as SecuritySpy, cannot access HomeKit; only iOS apps can. Therefore, HomeHelper has been implemented as a Mac Catalyst app, which is a framework that allows iOS apps to run on macOS. The second is that HomeKit apps must be distributed via Apple's App Store, which is a limitation that we don't want to impose on SecuritySpy itself.

Can I view SecuritySpy's cameras in HomeKit?
Unfortunately, there is no official way to make SecuritySpy's cameras available to HomeKit. At this time, the only official HomeKit accessories allowed by Apple are hardware devices from manufacturers who have been through a strict certification process.