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    Hello and greetings from the Seattle area. My name is Chris and you commented on my post in the Ben Software forum about trying to get remote viewing of SecuritySpy using AT&T cellular ISP. I wanted to say hello and thank you very much for your input. I am an Apple-certified tech integrator trying to help a friend reestablish his remote surveillance viewing after he recently gave up on terrible DSL internet from the phone company. He is using the AT&T MF279 gateway. The owners manual says it is supposed to do port forwarding but the AT&T support forum has a lot of threads saying it does not and AT&T replied to my own thread both positively and negatively- one AT&T employee replied yes it works and another employee replied it is not possible. One additional challenge is this guy has an extensive home network with many devices and a fairly robust Peplink router. Yes, we’re in double NAT but EVERYTHING is working MUCH better than DSL. Only remote viewing remains... Thank you. :-)
    January 21

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