RemoteSight no capture when screen stop
  • Hi Ben, I've this issue with OS Catalina and my iMac 2017 (EMC 3068), when screen stop, RemoteSight also stop streaming.
    I can access to RemoteSight Web server, but if I click on "View the camera" goes timeout, as soon as I "take" my mac with "anydesk", the screen goes up and camera start capture. Is is normal?
  • It sounds like your Mac is going to sleep. RemoteSight (or any other application) cannot function if the Mac is sleeping. If you want RemoteSight on this Mac to be available at all times, go to the Energy Saver system preference and check the "Prevent computer from sleeping automatically" option. This will keep your iMac awake and responsive at all times.
  • Solved. tnx!

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