Can not access from IOS app over internet through switch
  • So I did have this working but I have purchased a TP-LINK SG1016PE network switch to connect my iMac running Security Spy and cameras (As my camera set up grows i did not want to flood my router traffic). Since installing the switch everything works great I just can not get access to Security Spy from an internet connection so while out and about I can not use the IOS app.

    My router is typical and I set the switch to be with the gateway being the routers IP. It is clearly something to do with the switch that is preventing me as it works perfectly if everything is connected directly to the router.

    Any ideas?
  • Well strangely enough after resetting the switch several times I have noticed it is now working so no idea what i did.
  • That's good to hear, because the addition of a switch really shouldn't affect anything. The only thing I can think of is that the act of disconnecting your Mac from the router and plugging it into the switch resulted in your Mac having a different IP address (provided by the router via DHCP), and then it may take a short time before the automatic port forwarding is updated in the router by SecuritySpy.

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