iOS client -- IP address and not Name
  • The iOS client works fine for me (I use a VPN to get to my house). I enter the IP address, port and it connects perfectly. But it seems to resolve the IP address to "Mac.local" and persists that instead of the IP I entered. If I ever close and reopen the IOS app, it tries to resolve the host.local name and fails (this could be an issue with my VPN... ok).

    I'd prefer if it kept the IP address and not the name it resolves at that time -- I'm running Pi-Hole and apparently have an issue resolving certain names on my home network with my VPN.
  • We'll change this behaviour in the next update of the app so that it doesn't overwrite the manually-entered IP address, but for now you can fix this by turning off Bonjour in macOS SecuritySpy, as described in the Connecting Over a VPN section of the SecuritySpy iOS app guide.

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