Using an older Canopus Video to Firewire converter
  • Although the Mac sees the Canopus on both Mojave and Catalina Firewire ports, SwiftCapture doesn't show it as available. Any thoughts?
  • The driver software for DV devices that is built into macOS is 32-bit, so DV devices can only be accessed by 32-bit applications. The latest version of SwiftCapture is 64-bit only, so won't work with DV devices, but you can get an older version of SwiftCapture that will work. Version 1.0.3 is the latest 32-bit version of SwiftCapture.

    Due to this restriction, I don't think DV devices can be used at all on Catalina, which has removed support for all 32-bit software.

    If you want to upgrade to a more modern device that is compatible with the latest macOS and SwiftCapture software, take a look at Blackmagic Design - they make input devices for analog, SDI, HDMI and more.
  • Thanks Ben, what I've been putting off is getting a network adapter, guess I'll put that on my list...
  • Are you referring to a network video server, such as the Axis Q7401? This would work well with our CCTV software SecuritySpy, but note that SwiftCapture does not support network devices, so if you need to get analog video into SwiftCapture, the best solution for that is the Blackmagic Intensity.
  • Yes, something along the Axis or similar video IP Camera adapter to get video to SS. I was just trying Swiftcapture to view the video from a FLIR cam. Looking an an HDView converter on Amazon I don't think I'll strain it at a resolution of 320x240 from the FLIR :-)

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