Error performing continuous capture
  • I've been getting the following at SS launch for every camera:
    Error performing continuous capture for the camera "XXXXXXXXXXX", continuous capture mode has been disarmed. (Failed to record video frame XXXXXXXXXXXX The disk is too slow and cannot keep up with writing data - you may need to reformat or replace the disk)
    But it seems to be recording all camera feeds just fine as far as I can tell.
  • When this happens, SecuritySpy will stop recording only for a short time - it will then attempt to re-arm the camera and resume recording. So if this is only happening infrequently, it's likely that everything is working when you actually go to check on it.

    However, the message does indicate a real problem, especially if you are getting it repeatedly. What type of drive are you capturing to? Please try our File Writing Test app and let me know what kind of write speeds you are getting.

    Also, please let me know how many cameras you are using, their approximate data rates (as reported by the Camera Info window in SecuritySpy), and how many of them are recording continuously.
  • 37 cameras, 5 FPS, all continuous capture

    RAID0 of two 4 TB WD Purple Drives which stores SS data
    Time taken: 20.36 seconds
    Amount of data written: 1854 MB
    Average data rate: 91.07 MB/s

    For comparison:
    macOS startup drive Kingston 512 SSD
    Time taken: 17.58 seconds
    Amount of data written: 4324 MB
    Average data rate: 245.96 MB/s

    Another 1TB HDD in the Mac not being used:
    Time taken: 20.56 seconds
    Amount of data written: 2038 MB
    Average data rate: 99.15 MB/s

    And my 500 GB time Machine backup drive
    Time taken: 22.39 seconds
    Amount of data written: 1704 MB
    Average data rate: 76.16 MB/s
  • The speed of your capture drive (the RAID) is quite good, but that's a lot of cameras all capturing continuously to the drive, which must be the cause of the issue. What Mac are you using, and how is the RAID connected? Perhaps a good solution would be to direct 10 of the cameras to your unused 1 TB drive instead - this should take enough load off the main capture drive to avoid the errors.
  • Mac Pro 2010 2 x 2.66 6 core Xeon, 32 GB RAM, SSD startup drive, 10.13.6, HD 5770, RAID0 with 2 4TB Purple drives. I have two more drives coming and plan on making that a 4 drive RAID0 or a 4 drive RAID5. Will adding the additional drives help speed up the write speeds? Or I could set up two 2 drive RAID0 arrays and set half the cameras to go to each? BTW I'm mounting these in the Mac Pro drive bays. my system and time machine backup drives are in the DVD bays.
  • Great, your Mac Pro is the perfect machine for lots of storage due to the internal drive bays.

    I would recommend keeping each disk as a separate drive, and distributing the cameras across the disks. For this setup I would say that using RAID setups adds unnecessary complexity, and that you will get better reliability and performance by keeping the drives separate.

    Please let me know how you get on.
  • thanks, Ben. I'll try that. although it's a bit more work to then manually specify a save location on a camera/by/camera basis rather than going with the default location in prefs. Unless there is a way I'm missing to maybe assign a save location by group perhaps? Thank you.
  • Yes, unfortunately this setting has to be done on a per-camera basis. Fortunately, it's only a few clicks per camera, and only needs to be done once.

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