Skybell integration?
  • Is the Honeywell Skybell accessible thru Security Spy? It integrates with Honeywell's TotalConnect 2.0 service, so it's nice to get notices, but for the most part, I hate home automation cloud anything.
  • We have previously asked the manufacturer about this, and the answer is that the Skybell is a closed system that does not work with software products such as SecuritySpy, unfortunately.

    Hikvision has a few doorbells that work well with SecuritySpy, so you may like to have a look at these instead.
  • Curious, how many users set up a door cam to send them notices thru Security Spy? Will it send a snap shot?
  • I know that at least a few users have set this up. Once a camera is added to SecuritySpy (e.g. the Hikvision doorbell camera), you can configure all of SecuritySpy's normal notifications and recording. This includes email alerts and iOS push notifications.
  • Ben... Can you comment on which Hikvision doorbell camera model (there are several) people have had success with? Thanks!
  • I believe that would be the Hikvision "Wi-Fi Video Doorbell", model number DS-KB6403-WIP. Here's the link to the product description:

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