iOS 13 notification weirdness with Apple Watch
  • It used to be that when my front door camera detected a human, SecuritySpy would send me a notification to my watch... I would hear the notification sound, and a snapshot image of the camera would be displayed on the Watch face...

    I have always loved this feature, just by glancing at my watch, I would see if it was the mailman or a salesperson at the front door.

    However, since iOS 13, this doesn't seem to work anymore... or perhaps there is a setting that I am missing.

    I still get a notification on my watch, but now it is text only.
    When I scroll through the list of recent notifications on my watch, each notification still says "+1 image", but when opening any of the notifications, it does not display the image at all.. all I see is text.

    Has anybody else noticed this, and is it perhaps something I need to enable ?
    Or is this an iOS13 bug (I've read that iOS13 is buggy for many people...)
  • I noticed this same thing on my iPhone after upgrading to iOS 13. I'm still getting email alerts, but I no longer get the alert on the home screen.
  • Today I upgraded to iOS 13.1 and the images are back !

    So this was a bug that has been fixed in the latest iOS update...
  • I think there is some type of bug in most recent WatchOS and/or iOS releases. I have two Apple watches (series 3 and 5). Both will receive at least a text notification (no +1 image is displayed with the text).

    If I am wearing the series 5 and reboot the phone, on the series 5 I'll get a notification the includes both text with image. Sometimes before rebooting the phone, the image is also not being included on the phone itself. Other times, it will display on the phone but not the watch. However, when I switch watches. Everything reverts back to text only notification.

    Today, I turned on/off airplane mode on the series 5 which got the image to start display again. No luck when switching back to the series 3 tonight.
  • Unfortunately, iOS 13.1.3 released this week has not fixed this issue.
  • It has been working perfectly for me since the 13.1 update.

    I did notice when this issue occurred for me with the original buggy iOS 13 release, that it affected all image type notifications, such as receiving an image through whatsapp for example...

    What's described in this thread is certainly not a SecuritySpy problem, so maybe you have better luck on other fora, such as Apple discussions, or maybe macrumors. I think you will get more response there...
  • I agree this is not a SecuritySpy problem. I found a similar post on Arlo's forum that describes the same issue where the user is switching between two Apple watches. At first, I thought it might be SecuritySpy related because Carrot Weather rich notifications are not having this issue. However, Carrot has an Apple Watch app which probably handles the notifications in a different way.

    Is there a way to submit a bug report directly to Apple without having an Apple developer account?
  • I'm not sure this is helpful, but I recently updated my iPhone to 13.1.3 (from 12) and lost notifications from Security Spy entirely. I tried several random attempts at rebooting the phone and the server with no luck. Finally, I scrolled through each camera within the Security Spy app, Disabled Notifications for each one, rebooted the phone, then Enabled each one manually. It's working now... fingers crossed.
  • I seem to have lost the image preview again.
    I don't know exactly what has changed since it stopped working, I did do an update to the latest watchOS, but it seems the image previews are not showing on my iPhone either.

    This is such a nice feature that it is really annoying when it just stops working for no apparent reason at all.

    If anybody has some concrete info to get this working again I'm all ears. (I did try all the reboot/disable/enable tricks... but it didn't solve anything...)

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