Upgraded to Mac OS 10.13.6 on Mac Pro 2012 16gb. ssd boot drive.
  • I have updated the mac OS to 10.13.6
    i have upgraded the SecuritySpy to 4.2.11
    I am running mainly reolink cameras of various types.
    having troubles with video on many - I have turned the encoding to baseline and that seems to at least get a picture.
    cameras dropping especially the ptz 423 models. i have resolution down to 2304x1296 at 8 or 10 fps.
    (reolink software holds the camera video without issues).
    Big issue is when running SS i get mouse skipping/hanging - like drive lag or something similar.
    I am not having issues with other software or OS unless the SS is running.
    Thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
    was on 10.11 and basically ran SS non stop without many hiccups for a good while.
    Any thoughts/ideas would be great - i have turned down throughput. running power to cameras instead of POE and they are actually the most offending cameras now.
    the non ptz cameras came back when switched encoding to baseline.

    also - question developed in trying to make this work. does the check box VIDEO MOTION DETECTION in the SETUP tab cause extra processing even if no motion captures active on cameras?
  • additional questions. the reolink cameras do not have UPNP checked. Does this help on connections with SecuritySpy?
    also - the booting of SecuritySpy now runs VTDecoderXPCService at 175% CPU. which is the cause of my performance (and probably cameras coming and going??)
    is there a means of reducing the load on this via SecuritySpy? it only pops up when SecuritySpy is running.
  • Unfortunately we have found Reolink cameras to be very unreliable, which is why we no longer recommend them to our users (see the SecuritySpy list of supported cameras. As far as I'm aware, Reolink's own software uses a proprietary stream, which may explain the difference here. SecuritySpy uses the standard RTSP streaming method, which is the industry standard for IP cameras, and unfortunately Reolink has some significant problems with their RTSP implementation.

    As for the performance issues: 175% CPU is not necessarily excessive, it all depends on your settings. Note that this value (as reported by Activity Monitor) is the usage of one virtual core of your CPU. So for example if your Mac has 4 virtual cores, this represents less that half the available processing capacity of your Mac. CPUs with "hyperthreading" capabilities have two virtual cores per physical core.

    The most relevant CPU usage figure is the "Idle" figure in the bottom left of the Activity Monitor window - if this gets at low as around 10%, this indicates that your Mac can't keep up with the processing. In this case, the solution is to reduce the frame rates of your cameras.

    The "Video motion detection" option only adds a small amount of additional processing load by itself - most of the load comes from decoding the incoming video. Decoding is required for many functions, including display to the screen, sending via the web server, and motion detection.

    UPnP is for configuring routers to allow access from the Internet - it will not help with the connection from the cameras to SecuritySpy.
  • I appreciate the time for such a complete answer!! I still get 60-80% available even while doing other tasks on the computer.
    The Reolink is definitely a love/hate relationship. I have tried several other brands and the video/photo quality of them is very low compared to the Reolink. And Reolink has great customer service. All that of course doesn't help if SS doesnt capture the reolink video. While I try to keep an eye on my home, I do a lot of wildlife captures and enjoy a slightly higher video quality.
    Would there be a camera recommendation from your "supported" list - if strickly based on picture quality? (in the low-med cost range)
  • FWIW, I'm in the process of upgrading my POE system from Reolink to Hikvision cameras. So far, I have only tested a ¬£100 HiLook B640H-Z varifocal bullet camera but I find its image quality superior to Reolink's 410 and 511 - and the motorised zoom of the B640 only takes a couple of seconds to focus, compared with 15-20 seconds (!) on the 511. I do wish some kind developer would give us RGB or colour balance controls though.

    I too am running 10.13.6 and using an SSD boot drive, albeit not a Fusion one. SS manual says to avoid Fusion. I don't think there's anything in this update which might account for your symptoms - although ISTR that 10.13.4 introduced some new graphics capabilities including an HEVC decoder.

    SS is now up to v5 so might be worth a try.

    Are you using the Reolink NVR? Do you see any improvement if you use a POE switch instead?

    I admire a lot of the things Reolink do and their wire-free solar-powered Argus Pro wi-fi camera is sensational, if imperfect, technology…albeit incompatible with SS like all their battery-powered cameras. And they are one of the few to support the Mac platform. But I don't like the way they lock you in by using non-standard processing and coding - and the PIR function on their battery cameras is almost useless.
  • the HiLook would be very interesting to try - right price range and i find the 511 excellent quality video, so better than that would be perfect - unfortunately you might need to send me one! ;-) I cant see anyone selling the HiLook version of Hikvision in the US. BH Photo and Amazon only carry the Hikvision branded - and anything with zoom starts at $250. I will check some of the smaller dealers they have listed on their website.
    I am using as much direct AC connected as possible such as with 423 PTZ - otherwise everything is either POE injector and a few POE switch. I have tried TP Link and BV brand POE switch.
    I try to keep the total power very low on any switch.
    I have tried v5 a little but have not found a difference.
    I am considering updating to Mojave to see if that provides any smoother workings - but would need to upgrade graphics card in my mac Pro which I would like to avoid. And upgrading further seems like desperation.

  • If you have Time Machine backups, you could always revert to your previous Os. I'm not aware of any operational benefits I'm getting from 10.13.6 which I believe was primarily a security update. Your other option would be to trade in your Pro which is getting long in the tooth. But sometimes a good deep clean can work wonders, using a utility such as CleanMyMac.
  • I did just get the CleanMyMac - and that helped a bit. Going back is not really an option - I had 10.11 and too many things not working any longer.
    The 'long in the tooth' MacPro is a power horse. I have been debating the last year or so what I would do if it breaks, and I think I would just get another. The cost vs performance and expandability is amazing. If I get my cameras working - perhaps I get another just to handle those ;-)
  • I would say that changing macOS versions won't have an effect on the Reolink issues: the root cause is the bad RTSP stream produced by these cameras, and there is not much that can be done about this except by Reolink themselves. It's a pity because their hardware is good, and their pricing is competitive. However they seem to be focussing their development efforts on their own software and subscription cloud services, rather than interoperability features like RTSP.

    I would also recommend Hikvision for a manufacturer with high quality and a similar price point. Also Dahua and Amcrest. For something a little better (and more expensive), have a look at Axis and Vivotek.

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