mac Monitor wake up
  • Hi, i'm testing SecuritySpy software with 7 camera and it works very fine!

    i have this question... when Securityspy is running.. my mac montior wake up from standby randomly (i suppose). Is there someting in the configuration panel i need to change?
  • Hi Marco,

    This is a workaround for an Apple bug that causes freezes in applications when the screen is sleeping in certain circumstances. I'm afraid that this is just a side effect of the workaround, and nothing can be done about this until Apple fixes the bug. I expect that they will fix it some future macOS system update, and when it does, the screen waking behaviour will stop happening.
  • ok. Thanks!
    what happen if my mac mini works headless? whit no monitor?

  • Hi Marco, it's no problem to run your Mac headless. The only potential issue with this is that the Mac can turn off its GPU acceleration if there is no monitor attached, so you should install a "display emulator" dongle - see our FAQ Can I run SecuritySpy on a headless Mac?.

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