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SecuritySpy iOS / iPAD OS / tvOS: FPS request

edited September 2019 in SecuritySpy
On the Mac Mini on which I run 8 cameras, I've the "Show camera information in video windows" option turned on.

Could it be possible to add this information to the mobile and Apple TV version of the software? I ask because if you have a static image, the FTS offers a simple visual cue confirming that the camera is functioning as expected and hasn't got "stuck" for example. I realise you do put a tiny image overlay in the middle of failed cameras, but since you collect the FPS info on the server anyway, why not share that info with connected apps?

Many thanks.


  • Thanks for the suggestion, however I fear that if we attempted to display this info in the iOS app it would be far too small when viewed on an iPhone. It might work better on iPads and Apple TVs, but iPhone is the main way that people use our app, and so we have to tailor the features primarily for this usage case. As you mention, if the connection is lost, you will get an indicator in the middle of the feed (a camera icon with a line through it), so this will tell you if the feed is live or not.
  • I run an iPad (normal size), a Pro (large), a Mini and an iPhone. But taking the iPhone in particular, I can clearly read the name I've given to each camera. Of course you know the programming limitations on what can be offered in realtime, and I don't, but how about adding:

    E.g. "Kitchen Camera" with say "25fps" appended?

    So: "Kitchen Camera | 25fps"
  • I assumed you would want this as an overlay on the video image, which wouldn't work so well on the iPhone, but I think you're suggesting to have it next to the camera names as shown in the app - so below each camera image on the first "Cameras" screen in the app?

    This would be fine from a space/size perspective, but still I don't think this would be very useful. All cameras on this screen are displayed at 1fps, so showing the server's frame rate would be misleading. All cameras would simply show 1fps here when they are live. In addition, it takes time to calculate a frame rate accurately (e.g. 5-10 seconds) so it doesn't update quickly - you would see the existing "broken connection" icon before you would see the frame rate drop to zero.
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