An old man's request for a larger Triggers screen!
  • OK, I'm not that old, but I've always had poor eyesight and it's not getting any better.

    So can I make a humble request to the devs for a larger triggers window?

    I can understand why you'd not want to increase the dimensions of the entire Preferences window itself, purely for the sake of one tab, but if you could help out those of with less then perfect vision, it would be much appreciated. ;-)
  • It's sometimes difficult to squeeze all the elements we want into each settings panel, while keeping the window at a size that will work well on all possible screen resolutions. I can certainly see that the video display in the Triggers tab is a bit on the small size, but at the moment it is the largest it can be given the current constraints! Perhaps the best solution is as follows:

    - Open System Preferences and click on the Accessibility option
    - Click Zoom in the list on the left
    - On the right, enable the "Use scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom"
    - Select Control as the modifier key to use for this

    Then, you can zoom any part of the Mac's screen at any time by moving the mouse cursor over the area you want to zoom, then holding the Control key, then making a "scroll up" gesture (e.g. two finger vertical stroke on keypad or Magic Mouse).
  • So you don't want to change your layout, Ben. That's fine. Of course it not something you have to fiddle with often, but it could be **greatly improved** -- without the need to resort to turning on accessibility features.
  • I certainly understand the issue you are describing. I'll have a think about what can be done about it, as I'm unsure of the best solution at present. We can't make the Preferences window too much bigger due to restrictive screen sizes of some Macs (e.g. the Macbook Air 11" is only 768 pixels vertically). Also, we want to keep all the trigger settings in one place, so they compete for space. Perhaps some option to expand the video display temporarily is the way to go.

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