JideTech P2-20X-5mpf
  • I just bought a JideTech P2-20X-5MPF (on Amazon.fr) and so far I am reasonably pleased with it. It works with SecuritySpy with OnVif and has excellent picture quality. There are, however, a few oddities, asl fool:
    1) The camera is set to H265, 15fps, and this is confirmed in the "Camera Info" window. But, when I click "auto detect streams" (In the camera pref pane) it only offers H264. Should it show the actual H265 setting?
    2) The camera supports the following audio out options: G711-U, G711-A, PCM, G726 and AAC. SecuritySpy indicates the audio format, but I don't hear anything.
    3) The camera claims to be compatible with DaHua, Hikvision & Topsee, and those are selected in the Protocol settings. But, SecuritySpy will only work with OnVif.

    As I noted, not major issues, but I would like to better understand what is going on, and maybe get a little more out of this camera.
  • Good to hear the camera is working well.

    We have also seen many cameras not reporting their H.265 streams via auto-discovery. As far as we can tell, this is a minor camera firmware bug and doesn't actually affect the operation of the H.265 stream.

    AAC is the best audio format to use. In the Camera Info window you should see a small speaker icon: click this to play the live audio via the Mac's speakers. Does this work?

    As for the camera profiles, I think the ONVIF profile is always going to be the best one for this type of camera (i.e. not actually Dahua or Hikvision).
  • Thanks for the quick response. On the audio, if I change to AAC I get "Failed to obtain video frame from network device. Data from network device not as expected." As soon as I change to something (anything) else, the video appears.
  • That's very strange. If you can email us SecuritySpy's log file (File menu in SS -> Open Log) this will contain more information about this error, and may give some insight as to what is going wrong here.
  • Ok. The previous message was from the log. But, here it is in complete form. Not really much to go on.

    2019/08/03 09:10:11: Error communicating with the network device "Garden Cam". 5.0.1,70902,800 Failed to obtain video frame from network device. The operation timed out.

    As soon as I changed the camera from AAC to G726, the video started and I had garbled noise - which I could not turn off. I.e. the speaker icon was white. What is interesting is the camera claims audio changes only take effect on re-boot, but the impact of the AAC to G726 change was immediate. There was no problem, or change, after a reboot.

    I have also noticed if I set the camera to the highest video settings (quality, size, frame rate, etc.) SS seems to lose the camera from time to time. Lowering quality seems to fix that. This is on a fairly old MacMini (late-2012 - 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 - 16GB ram, MacOS 10.14.6). But, the CPU is still around 65% idle and SS is around 20%.
  • A follow-up.

    #1. While the camera was advertised as having audio support, that meant I could hook up an external mic and speaker. So, no sound at first. However, they offer a free gift with each purchase and one choice was an outdoor speaker/mic - which I choose and which arrived today.

    #2. After exhaustive testing (reboot required after each audio configuration change) I can report G711-A and G711-U both work. PCM and G726 produce no usable audio. And, as previously reported, AAC prevents the video from starting.

    #3. Somewhat unintuitively, when connecting the speaker/mic to the camera you must connect the yellow RCA connector from the speaker/mic to the white RCA connector on the camera, and visa-versa.

    All-in-all not a bad camera for the price. My major gripe is the pan speed is too fast. Works fine when zoomed out. But, at 20x zoom it is almost impossible to accurately point the camera.
  • Interesting, thanks for the feedback. As for the pan speed issue, SecuritySpy has a PTZ speed adjustment control - have you tried this? You can access this by clicking the gear icon in the PTZ drawer (see the PTZ section of the SecuritySpy User Manual for more information.
  • Unfortunately, the speed adjustment is greyed out. BTW, the camera does support speed setting, and I currently have it at the lowest speed.
  • Oh, the camera is currently set for: Address=1; Protocol=Pelco-D; Baud rate=9600; 3D Protocol=Pelco-DH; User mode=JNVR

    Protocol choices are: Pelco-D, Pelco-P and Samsung
    User mode choices are: Common, HK-Test, Milestone & JNVR
    3D choices are: Pelco-HK & Pelco-DH

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