camera bandwidth and home network
  • Hi all-

    Does running my two surveillance cameras through my home network affect the available bandwidth of other devices on that network? My cameras are IP and wired.

  • Hi Mark,

    Yes, all devices on the same network share the network bandwidth. However, the bandwidth generated by two IP cameras with normal settings should be functionally insignificant for a typical wired Ethernet network (especially a Gigabit one).
  • Thanks Ben.
  • I've got 6 LAN cameras, 2 cameras in the US, and 4 cameras in the Turks & Caicos feeding a server that's being watched by two client computers. My gigabit LAN bandwidth runs about 500Mb during the day, but most of that is the two clients. Cameras can run 2-10 Mb depending on settings.

    You probably want a gigabit LAN nowadays anyway, switches are cheap...
  • My advice would be to use smart non-blocking switches, and avoid using a possibly underpowered, and possibly dumb, bridge that may be built into a broadband modem. with smart non-blocking switches, only shared paths would share bandwidth. so for example, a television streaming from the internet via your broadband modem would not necessarily see any degradation due to camera traffic destined for a local computer via a different path (as long as you weren't using your broadband modem as your local bridge/switch).

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