Performance on Catalina Public Betas
  • Just an FYI, at least for me seems to be playing along well with the first couple of Catalina public betas.
  • This is great to hear, many thanks for reporting.
  • Are you also using the iOS/iPadOS betas? I'm not sure if this is an intended change or a bug, but on both my phone and iPad, selecting a camera does NOT show a full-screen view of that camera. It shows the upper left-most camera full screen, then you have to swipe over to the camera you want. This does seem like a bug.

    So I have six cameras showing right now in the "Cameras" view of the app. I want to see the bottom middle one, so I tap it. What I get is the top left camera, every time, in full screen.
  • Hi calvarez,
    Beta 5 fixed that issue for me.

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