Copy settings from Camera to NewCamera bug?
  • Security Spy > Preferences > Cameras

    Clicking the "settings" icon in the left side bottom of camera list.

    The "Copy settings" doesn't copy the hardware camera settings (manual or ONVIF, ports, custom request strings) and doesn't copy the triggers mask.

    I would call this a bug - it should copy ALL the settings.

    If there is a reason it works the way it does, then I would like to request you add another choice for "Clone all settings".

    (I am creating many copies of a camera to adjust AI/ML mask and threshold settings, and it is very tedious to do it manually.)

  • This might seem a bit strange at first glance, but it's a feature not a bug. The reason is that different cameras are going to have different device settings (address, username, password etc.), so it's almost always not appropriate to be copying the devices settings from one camera to another. The same goes for the mask: each camera has a different video feed, so a mask for one camera is almost always going to be incorrect for a different camera.

    The only exception to the above is when you are duplicating a camera exactly, in order to get two identical video feeds. This is useful in certain circumstances, but it's quite an unusual thing to do.
  • Functionally, I would agree. But semantically, from a UI theory point of view "copy" is generally understand to create a complete duplicate of something.

    In my case, the latter (special case creating exact duplicate of existing stream) is very common. I'm pulling video from an external multi-camera system and only one parameter changes (the camera number in a long url string), so it is easiest to duplicate everything and then make the minor edit.

    I think either two commands ("clone" and "copy") or a modal options box that appears when invoked ("clone all settings" or "copy key settings") would be clearer.

    Since "copy" isn't a common operation, adding an extra dialog box or selection to clarify what it is doing (and offer the choice) wouldn't overload the UI or slow down operations.
  • I agree with Spiv because I encountered the same issue, trying to duplicate cameras then changing just one parameter.

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